Yoga Course 2016 - Workshop in Villa Poggiano

Weekend 20/22 May ( 2 nights - 3 yoga lessons)
Weekend 2/5 June ( 3 nights - 5 yoga lessons)
Weekend 17 /19 June ( 2 nights - 3 yoga lessons)

Yoga Course 2016 - Workshop in Villa Poggiano

Yoga is an ancient discipline that is credited with being one of the most effective paths to a healthy lifestyle.

It is based on equilibrium, physical and mental harmony, and fosters wellbeing in people of all ages.

The course is structured into 3 or 5 sessions spread over 2 or 3 days. It’s based on the asana of the primary series in yoga, Ashtanga * which is of medium difficulty.

Also included is the basis of pranayama ujjayi – the breathing technique.
The course is suitable for beginners and people who have intermediate experience level.

The aim is to immerse oneself in a dynamic and health promoting stay, all the while nestling in one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany.

* Ashtanga yoga is a combination of ujjay breathing and asanas (postures) following a precise sequence executed in a constant flow. Daily practice strengthens the body, introducing more lightness and flexibility.
Yoga in general is stress reducing, promotes an increase in mental stability, concentration and feelings of calm and steadiness.
The workshops are organized by Cicloposse, travel agency and tour operator, numero di iscrizione alla camera di commercio di Siena REA SI 97480.

For further info about rates, please contact us at a web portal on Montepulciano territory near Siena in Tuscany Italy
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