Montepulciano, Piazza Grande, 12-15 August, every night at 9:30.

Bruscello is a folkloristic performance with distant roots and is among Val di Chiana’s most felt and appreciated rural traditions.

What was once a simple performance, often improvised and itinerant, with 3-4 singers and musicians travelling around farmyards and estates, has now become a show in its own right, performed in the square with the support of a large orchestra, a script, a libretto and with actors/singers guided by a director. Its folkloristic flavour however is still the same, as is the attendance of the locals, who fill up the square all 4 scheduled nights. This year the theme of Bruscello will be Saint Agnese Segni, Montepulciano’s co-patron saint. A story that takes place in the years between 1200 and 1300. A piece of advice for the audience: do take a sweater with you, because even in the middle of August Piazza Grande can give you chills that are not caused by the powerful emotions alone.

Compagnia Popolare del Bruscello – – Tel. +39 0578 758529